Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Ride to Sikkim and Bhutan 2200KM - Part 1

After the Leh Trip again we were itching for yet another ride after lot of scouting around where to go it was finalised to do a trip of Sikkim and Bhutan. Enough material was available on Sikkim but a little less on Bhutan also with time the available material gets outdated with respect to present ground scenario. So we set foot mostly into the unknown knowing not what would come by us.

So here goes a collection of pics and little description follows:

Below you can see the places we have touched in the entire journey of 2200 KM, The journey finally ended at Guwahati - Assam from where we took the flight back to Mumbai and the bikes were sent packing by Train.

Outside Howrah Station Raman and Vishal(Sitting on Bike) posing outside post office.

Raman and Vishal

My Bike fully loaded with luggage ready to go :-)

Outside Howrah Station
  On our way to our night stay we had the oppurtunity to cross the famed Howrah Bridge. Though built in the era when the british ruled us it looked new to me. Well maintained I should say.

Howrah Bridge and Me


Cycle Rickshaws and Trams can be seen in Kolkotta even today. Through the whole of West Bengal Cycle rickshaws are being used as a means of transport both for people and goods.

Cycle Rickshaw

Victoria Memorial
Raman's Relatives
 The night was spent in Kolkotta it was no point in venturing ahead as it was already evening and the lights were dying down, we settled down at one of Ramans relatives place for the night, they were a jolly couple and treated us well.
The evening was spent scouring around in Kolkotta we chanced a visit to Victoria Memorial but it was already past closing time.
We had some chat (Golgappas) outside the memorial and headed back for the night.

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